What Are Energized Gemstones?

Elements in our body (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) govern its well being. An imbalance (deficiency or abundance) in any of these elements leads to diseases and health problems. The same applies to our mind as well.

Gemstones work as healers to balance out these elements to help restore your internal health and well being. Do not mistake energized gemstones with coloured or artificial stones available in the market. Please make sure you take advice from a seasoned gems expert or astrologer to determine the correct energy gemstone for you.

In this video, Dolly Manghat explains her perception about gemstones, how do they help improve your physical function and change your Attitude, which is ultimately your Altitude.
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How Do Energized Gemstones Heal Us From Within?

Since antiquity, gemstones have been used by our learned men in form of powders, pastes to heal bodily diseases and pains. Kings wore energized gems to strengthen their energy and internal strengths to rule their kingdoms.

Energized gems work on our 7 body chakras to balance energies to keep our body and mind stable and peaceful. These 7 chakras effect different organs of the body and their energy vibrations sync with our body and mind function. Any disturbance in energy levels of a chakra results in affliction of body parts governed by it leading to overall imbalance.
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Know Your Gemstone

About Dolly Manghat

Dolly Manghat is a world renowned gems expert, psychotherapist and an ardent advocate of living in self-awareness. She has demystified gemology, astrology and other holistic sciences. Having been recognised as a world renowned speaker by the University of Minneapolis USA, she lectures and counsels people world over. She has helped thousands of people develop their potential and talents.

  • Qualified and Certified Motivational Speaker from IAPCC (Washington DC)
  • Mother Teresa Award Winner
  • Bharat Ratna Dr. M.G.R. National Award

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